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In November we have something really nice for men!

It is a mistake to think that caring for one's body, mind and spirit is more of a "women's" issue. Equal and wise, but fortunately men's health awareness is also raising their heads in society - stress is alleviated through health sports and a variety of hobbies, and more and more men are undergoing regular medical check-ups. Like women,
men can appreciate spa charms :)! With Movember (Men's Health Month) and Father's Day coming in November, it's a good time to remind them of our spa and saunas and opportunities! What if you were to make something very special, cozy and unforgettable for her this year?
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Come to enjoy autumn warmth!

November is already relatively wet, cold and bleak. To keep the body warm and enjoy the fall, we recommend the well-being, warmer and more creative Beauty Skin SPA body care services in addition to changing your wardrobe!
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Autumn Shopping / 10.10.2019

Come enjoy a good company, admire autumn colors of Tallinn and the sea, get the best out of autumn offers! On this day, many  home skin care products for sale -30%!
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Neck and décolleté smooth and shiny!

Why neck care and décolleté body care are important, what salon treatments we offer as a solution? We also advise you on some home neck and décolleté care tips and skin care products.
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