August Skin Care Recommendation - Swissline Hydra Oxygen


After the summer (in August) we recommend Swissline HYDRA-OXYGEN facial treatment for tanned and dry skin! 
Skin is the largest secretory organ in the body, with toxins and waste products excreted through the skin. Water scarcity interferes with the process, makes the skin more susceptible to diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis, and contributes to premature aging. Drinking enough water and regular moisturizing your skin will help keep your skin shiny, healthy and young.

In August special price 75€
This intensely moisturizing treatment provides the skin with maximum comfort, invigorates, adds energy and shine. Designed specifically to restore the water and oxygen supply of thirsty and stressed skin, it helps eliminate visible signs of fatigue and leaves the skin youthfully radiant and refreshed.
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