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Why neck care and décolleté body care are important, what salon treatments we offer as a solution? We also advise you on some home neck and décolleté care tips and skin care products.
With regular salon treatments, most clients focus on facials and massages. However, neck and décolleté attention should also be given to complex body care. These are the first so-called female age traitors ... When it comes to neck and décolleté care, the first step is to clean and peel the skin, where we recommend using enzyme scrubs (lighter, do not stretch the delicate skin of the neck). In case of massage in these areas, make sure that the movements are from bottom to top and from inside to outside. At home, masks for the neck and décolleté could be used, sleeping high on the pillow, avoiding excessive sun exposure and maintaining the skin's moisture balance. In the salon, skin care for the neck and décolleté is equivalent to other procedures. Good and different choices can be found on our website >> Special Offer for October also includes 2 special treatments:

Duration: 90 min, price 85 € (100 €)
The skin brightening and regenerating treatment begins with intensive cleansing and 3-phase exfoliation. The treatment uses a high-tech blend of Arbutine and Vitamin C, which inhibits the synthesis of micronized diamonds and melanin, which smoothes pigmented skin and restores clarity and radiance and elasticity of the skin.

Duration: 90 min, price 90 € (120 €)
This is a luxurious treatment for the face, neck and décolleté, which instantly smoothes and fills small lines and wrinkles. The high-tech blend of highly concentrated marine collagen and hyaluronic acid used in the treatment improves moisture retention, tightens and tightens the skin.

After salon treatment, we recommend the following home care products for the neck and neckline:
  • Swissline CS Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream
    The highly effective silky gel cream helps stimulate, restore and tighten delicate skin in the neck and neckline. When absorbed, it provides an immediate cooling effect and gives the impression that the skin is instantly in better shape. 
  • Swissline Cell Shock Overnight "V" Mask
    The two-piece mask shapes the contours of your face and tightens the skin. The sculpting patch mask slides areas where you need to highlight contours. Lifting-infusion mask is like applying another skin that will take care of your face throughout the night. 
  • All Swissline Cell Shock line creams now - 25%
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