Sauna as a source of health and beauty


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September and autumn bring rainfall and windstorms more often than ever before. Humidity and lack of sunlight give way to physical ailments and mental exhaustion. To keep your energy levels up and looking good, we encourage you to stick to a traditional regular sauna ritual in the fall! Come and enjoy the sauna and relaxation area, either as a separate service or before a facial or body treatment. P.S Sauna and relaxation area can also be booked for special events!

Beauty Skin SPA has a steam and hot steam room on offer.
Warm air and steam perfectly prepare the skin and open and cleanse the pores. The skin cleansing process is time consuming in the sauna, it takes about 20 minutes before the skin warms up and the pores open, and another 20 minutes when the skin begins to clean. Steam could be started from lower temperatures (+60 C) to gradually hotter degrees. The ideal temperature for skin care and perspiration is around +80 C. If you have to choose which sauna to enjoy before, we recommend the steam sauna first.

Doctors claim, and did you know that sauna bathtubs work in four different directions !?
1) In the sauna, skin, outer muscles and respiratory system are strengthened;
2) in case of increased sweating (about 200-1500g of moisture is lost in the sauna sandwich) body weight is also reduced;
3) the sauna induces vegetative changes in the nervous system that enhance the overall effect of the procedure; 4) sauna has a psychic effect - has a stress-relieving, relaxing effect.

Steam sauna
Moist heat well stimulates the blood supply to the subcutaneous blood vessels and intensively cleanses the skin. Skin pores open, dead skin cells and dirt are removed, and the skin becomes soft, clean and silky smooth. Due to its high moisture content and heat, the steam bath is an effective health remedy for ailments such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, cough, hoarseness, non-acute rheumatic disorders, and limited joint or joint pain. As a support procedure, the steam bath is also useful for people with sleep problems, impaired blood supply to the skin, dry and cracked skin, muscle tension and sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature. Steaming the skin also helps to relieve daily tensions, relax and recover. Improves overall physical and mental well-being and helps build new strength.

Come to the sauna!
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