NEW! Wine therapy Spa Manager: “Red wine is not just a great drink to enjoy in a pleasant company - it is also a valued health enhancer and beauty store! Wine therapy plays an important role in the fight against stress - it helps to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, adding shine, toning and slowing down premature aging processes. You are welcome to enjoy! ”

Beauty Skin SPA recommends Anne Semonin's wine therapy treatments!

Wine Therapy I / LE VINTAGE
Body peeling with antioxidants / 35 min, price 39 €
Did you know that the polyphenols found in red grape seeds and shells are 20 times stronger antioxidant than vitamin C - the best way to achieve health-packed shiny skin !? That's why the barking body that gives plenty of energy leaves the skin pleasantly soft, silky smooth and richly nourished.

Rejuvenating body wrap / 60 min, price 59 €
The treatment begins with stimulating body peeling. This is followed by a nourishing and rejuvenating body mask (natural antioxidants accelerate the body's metabolism, add moisture, sweat and perfect smoothness to the skin). In addition to rejuvenating and pampering body care, you can enjoy a wonderful head massage that relaxes and soothes your senses completely.

Wine Therapy III / LE GRAND CRU
Wine therapy experience / 120 min, price 110 €
Being the pearl of wine therapy by Anne Semonin, the treatment begins with a full body peeling and a truly pampering rejuvenating body wrap. This is followed by a relaxing and softening massage with warm boluses. For an excellent end to venous therapy, we offer a glass of wonderful wine.

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