How often and why You should come to have facials at the spa?



In general, it is ideal if a person is in care every 4-6 weeks. Regularly, because only this way is the most effective result. During salon care, the beautician explains the current state of the facial skin and recommends a personal facial tune according to the client. Facial care can have a number of different goals - Anne Semon's new facial treatments also offer many different approaches here. E.g. Oligo Skin Protect care is a toxin-emitting, balancing, anti-aging. By contrast, Age Defend, in addition to its anti-aging effect, also has a remarkable tonic facial treatment. Soothing Skin Savior, however, soothes, moisturizes and has a restorative effect. All these new Anne Semonin facial treatments last 60 minutes (60 €). Following care, we strongly advise you to consult our spa beautician who will kindly advise you what products could be used at home after cabin care, how often and why. Maybe something needs to be replaced on the shelves of the home booth, something is missing or too much.

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