Cold weather skin care and treatments

We've all come in familiar with the problem
that as the weather cools and the heating season arrives, our skin becomes dry,
rough and tends to flush.

This is due both to the body's internal reasons as well as external conditions.
Internal problems can be alleviated with 
rest, sleep, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Outside causes we can treat or prevent with the right cosmetic products and salon treatments.
Wind, cold weather and dry air are damaging
a natural barrier to our skin that can penetrate the skin
allergens and irritants that cause redness, itching and inflammation.
With regular and proper skin care we can prevent and mitigate such a problems. Winter care products and base creams should be more greasy and oily by the consistency. These ingredients help to restore the skin's protective barrier, leaving an oily layer on the skin and thereby preventing moisture loss from the skin.

Alcoholic creams should be avoided, although their aroma is intoxicating,
but the moisturizing effect is short-lived because alcohol dries the skin. It is also wise to leave gels and creams with plenty of water waiting for spring.
When weather changes from warm to cold it is also smart to  avoid excessive skin peeling, soap and hot tap water.
Cleaning products 
it is worth reviewing and, if necessary, swapping for softer and more nutritious ones. Well-suited cleansers for the winter time skin cleansing routine are cleansing milks, cleansing oils and soothing tonics.
In salon care, winter is the right time for skin restoration and rejuvenation procedures.
'The best way to do this is deep skin cleansing, mesotherapy and ultrasound.
A more radiant, even complexion is also provided by various bleaching and nourishing treatments such as Swiss Line Rescue and Swiss Line Brightening.
Although the temperatures have been low this winter, wind, temperature fluctuations and cool weather affect our skin enough to give it extra protection and special attention.
Take care of yourself and be bright even in the darkest time of the year!

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